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First Time FAQ

  • When should we arrive for Sunday worship?
    @10:00am Our Hospitality Bar opens with coffee, water, & some yummy treats. You can hang out in the "internet cafe" or find a seat in the sanctuary. @10:30am When the announcement countdown video ends the worship service begins--usually with our first song. (Kids preK - 6th grade, who will go to the kids' E.D.G.e begin with their adults in the sanctuary.) around 11:30am The service concludes, the Hospitality Bar reopens briefly while many stick around to chat in the sanctuary, the internet cafe, or the front porch.
  • What does your church believe?
    You can find our belief statement . We are associated with the American Baptist Churches, USA denomination and the Great Rivers Region.
  • What kind of music do you have?
    Our music is led by a worship band--most often 2 guitars, a bass, piano, drums, & a few vocalists. A typical Sunday lineup represents our intergenerational congregation--1 song that's really new (or at least new for us), a couple other modern worship songs, and a hymn. Most of our songs are sing-alongs, though a special song may be performed more for reflection from time to time. You can watch samples of our most recent services or check out our playlist for upcoming Sundays.
  • What do kids do on Sunday mornings?
    Until they are 3-years-old & potty-trained, we have nursery care available during worship. Preschoolers through 6th-graders will probably enjoy the kids' E.D.G.e (children's church). They will begin the worship time with their adult(s), then--usually after the opening song & prayer--they can meet their E.D.G.e Guide at the back of sanctuary. Sometimes these students will rejoin their adult(s) during the final song, or other times they will still be finishing up when the service concludes.
  • What do people here wear to church?
    You'll see t-shirts, ripped jeans, & shorts, you might see a suit coat or a dress, and you'll see everything in between. We're glad to see each other more than what we're wearing, and we think Jesus feels the same way. Our Sunday mornings have a relaxed and informal atmosphere.
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